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Does this sound familiar?  You consider yourself an absolute beginner and you don’t know how to begin with the sea of fitness information out there? Maybe you’re intimidated by gyms or you are a woman who believes that you are too out of shape to begin a fitness program; that you’ve been this way your whole life and it’s too late?  Perhaps you have injuries that gyms and trainers don’t seem to  understand. Have you tried trainers and feel they just don’t understand your older body?  Have you been injured in a group class? Are you simply not seeing results at the gym despite putting in the time? Does having a personal trainer feel selfish? Maybe it’s time for a new approach. You’re up for the challenge.  

“She seemed to understand immediately what was holding me back.”

— L. Cambell Loaiza

Change your fitness story

How important is it to you to have health for the rest of your life? We take our health for granted but you need to keep up with movement for your whole life. The great news is—it’s never too late to start.  People are living to 100 years old and longer.   Of course you want to be able to swing your grandchildren around!

Making the investment in health and wellness for the rest of your life is the most unselfish thing you can do. You want to be able to have mobility and perform simple tasks like sitting and standing forever,  but sometimes people get stuck in their stories around fitness.  I can’t do it because (fill in your blank). Lenora can help you to change the story.  Her one-on-one approach prevents injuries and leaves you healthy and strong for a lifetime.

The studio—located on the lower level of the cabin.

Safety is Lenora’s number one priority (Lenora is a registered nurse). She puts proper form first and foremost so that you won’t get injured and can build strength safely. She understands women’s bodies-especially those of you over 50. Being in a one-on-one environment eliminates the anxiety that trying to get fit at a gym brings.

The workout room

She does not believe in targeting certain muscle groups to achieve a certain aesthetic, but rather in treating the muscles holistically so that your entire body builds strength. Each workout lasts about an hour including a luxurious cool down which Lenora emphasizes is very important and she e-mails you the routine after each workout.

Are you ready for the fitness journey that lasts a lifetime?

How to begin

Call me or text me for a free fitness evaluation.

It's A New Dawn

Lenora Colarusso, RN

Nutritional Specialist | Personal Fitness Trainer | Yoga Practioner | Reiki Master, based in the Sourland Mountains NJ area.
(20 minutes from Princeton)

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