“Beginner exerciser…didn’t think I could be this fit at 58.”

*****”I am a beginner exerciser and thought I would stay there forever.  There are not enough words to describe all the positive changes that resulted from personal training with Lenora. First, the physical problems…. I could not progress/get stronger at a gym because I kept getting injured. I had so many small to big problems that went away when I started training with Lenora. Some of them are still going away 8 months later. One of the most significant was my wrist pain and back pain. I was considering surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Lenora showed me some simple exercises that cleared up 95% of the problem and it CONTINUES to improve. My wrists are a NON-ISSUE now. I do all kinds of plank positions with no thought of my wrists. Second, she helped me to WANT to train. I now get the head clearing benefits that exercise brings. Yes, I got a better looking body because I lost a large percentage of body fat, but it is also become a way to grow old gracefully. I can move, the groceries feel lighter, the chores are easier. Not only am I stronger but I am out of pain! Third, it got me into that headspace of “yes I can do this” and because of that, it will be a lifelong commitment. I didn’t think it was possible to be this fit at 58.”

— S. Murray

“Understands a woman’s body and it’s evolution.”

*****”Before menopause I worked out routinely, usually in group classes. I didn’t love working out, so the social aspect kept me going. During menopause it was harder to keep moving because everything hurt all the time – even walking upstairs became a huge effort. Then after menopause I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror, who was this round person who had difficulties bending down to tie her shoes? I tried to resume working out the way I had in the past, but it no longer felt right. While I was determined to get back in control of my body, I was paranoid that I would injure myself in the process. I’d done a lot of research on the mind body connection, and I wanted to find someone who understood a woman’s body and its evolution. I was hoping to workout at a reasonable pace and see noticeable improvements in my body. Lenora and I interviewed each other, and it felt like destiny – we clicked. Lenora’s dedication to each client’s individual workout, nutritional intake, and mindset sets her high above other trainers. Lenora is amazing. In conclusion, Lenora believes in me – and as a result, now I do, too.”

— M. Wells

“She understood immediately what was holding me back.”

*****”I wanted to look better and feel better in my own skin, AND feel comfortable being photographed at my sons high-school graduation.

During the process of completing my immediate goals with Lenora, she taught me so much about finding my personal balance, to include my body and my mind, and how it all has to fit together, for me to peacefully and mindfully function properly. I wanted everyone to know about the experience I had with her and posted this review below some time ago.

Lenora is the kind of person one always hopes to meet. She’s girl next door- you know, sweet, empathetic, encouraging, and caring. But don’t let her fool you for one second, she’s also got the personality of a female Richard Simmons! She will push you, and you will rise to the occasion with her help. I was eager to work with her because… she seemed to understand immediately what was holding me back. My first personal training session I found…a fiesty lady who was not gonna let me wiggle out of one single step. More importantly I learned how to push myself and how strong I really am physically. She helped me find that fighter in me…Do yourself a favor and pick up the phone and call this dynamite of a gal. Don’t wait one more day!”

— L. Cambell Loaiza

“Motivational, professional, reliable.”

*****”I am still working with Lenora, the owner of It’s a New Dawn. She is absolutely phenomenal. She is highly professional, warm, caring and patient yet firm and motivational. She is extremely reliable and never disappoints. She works with me in a format of both strength training and yoga-based stretching. Over the course of my working with her, I developed a frozen shoulder, and she has consulted regularly with my orthopedist and been willing and able to incorporate specialized exercises into our sessions that my doctor has recommended. Essentially, she is functioning as both a personal trainer as well as a physical therapist. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

— S. Greenberg

It's A New Dawn

Lenora Colarusso, RN

Nutritional Specialist | Personal Fitness Trainer | Yoga Practioner | Reiki Master, based in the Sourland Mountains NJ area.
(20 minutes from Princeton)

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