“No hard “diet” just learning to eat to live not live to eat.”

*****”I truly believe Angels come in many forms. I wrote a post about our infertility journey to help inspire others and ended up receiving a message from someone that has changed my life. Lenora Colarusso you inspire me in so many ways! It’s not only about food, it’s about loving ourselves, our environment and the universe, god whatever your higher power may be. I consumed food because I was stressed and sad. Rarely was I truly hungry. I forgot what true hunger feels like. I ate breakfast because well didn’t I have too?? I watched infertility rob me of so much and I can’t allow it to take away my entire body. The constant medications and injections left physical scars and increased bloating. The best news is, nutrition can heal all things. It’s the best medicine. I choose clean eating over antidepressants and IVF hormones. No hard “diet” just learning to eat to live not live to eat. I pray over my food now, what an amazing blessing it is to have healthy food. Appreciate your food and eat with intention of feeding your temple. I had a sprite on my dietary intake and Lenora simply said “I love my body too much to put that junk into it” that’s exactly right! We are given this one body and lord knows I’ve pushed mine way past it’s comfort. So if you’re looking for support and just overall light in your life, reach out to Lenora. Accountability and compassion but also no BS. She has implemented zoom meetings and training during this quarantine period.”

-Crystal F

“I am better prepared.”

*****”I wanted to say thank you. Thanks to you I am better prepared for staying at home, eating good foods high in protein and stretching daily.”

-Margaret M.

“Consistently met my weight loss goals.”

*****”Very quickly my self-esteem improved. I consistently met my weight loss goals.”

— L. Cambell Loaiza

“Provides her clients creative and exciting ways to improve one’s overall health.”

*****”Lenora Colarusso is the ultimate professional. I have known her for over 15 years and I have watched her grow as an individual and even more so as a professional. With a thirst for education she is constantly learning new things to provide her clients with creative, exciting and challenging ways to improve ones overall health including the physical and spiritual. She has overcome adversity in her own life and I firmly believe it has added to her gift of compassion and empathy as well. I highly recommend Lenora to all who hope to have a unique opportunity to work with a truly special woman.”

— Randy S.

It's A New Dawn

Lenora Colarusso, RN

Nutritional Specialist | Personal Fitness Trainer | Yoga Practioner | Reiki Master, based in the Sourland Mountains NJ area.
(20 minutes from Princeton)

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