“Authentic" in all areas of her reiki, yoga and personal training practices.”

*****”When my wife told me she was going to practice reiki I was beyond skeptical, until one afternoon she performed reiki on my shoulder which had a nagging injury causing a dull constant pain. After a minute or so of placing her hands a few inches from my shoulder, sharp pains began to intensify and ran all the way down my back. I was amazed that my body was having this reaction without even being touched. A few minutes later, all of the pain left my shoulder including the original annoying constant ache. While the relief was not permanent, it made a believer out of me. I have since witnessed the sincere appreciation expressed by her clients as they leave her sessions, as well as her yoga practices. She’s the real deal, and can best be described as “authentic” in all areas of her reiki, yoga and personal training practices.”

— T. Colarusso

“Kind and Gentle Spirit”

*****”Lenora has helped me so many times with her kind and gentle spirit.”

— A. Hammer

“Calming yet Energizing”

*****”MY reiki session with Lenora was absolutely healing. It was calming and yet energizing, which sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t. Let’s start at the beginning. Lenora welcomed me to her practice space which is in a beautiful home setting. She exuded calm and welcome. The lighting and candles gave the perfect ambiance. She took some time to ask if I had any questions about reiki, and then explained what the practice is, how she would go about it, as well as what I might expect. I might feel some energy shift, or a slight warmth or tingling. Her hands would hover over me while I was lying on a comfortable massage table, wearing comfortable clothing. I felt very safe and reassured. I had no sense of time (but I think it was about an hour). I was very peace filled, and rose slowly to embrace the rest of my day when the session was over. It was so clear that the calm I felt was from the release of negative energy, and I went forth with a calm energy.”

-Laura H.

It's A New Dawn

Lenora Colarusso, RN

Nutritional Specialist | Personal Fitness Trainer | Yoga Practioner | Reiki Master, based in the Sourland Mountains NJ area.
(20 minutes from Princeton)

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